ECSTATIC VOYAGING  opening in 2019
Commissioned Artwork for New BART Station
Santa Clara and Silicon Valley : Milpitas

The artwork captures the twenty structural columns of the station. The columns are clad with thousands of slender, handmade ceramic tiles that employ both screen-printing and hand glazing. Ecstatic Voyaging explores the role that ornament plays across cultural histories utilizing an Ikat weaving pattern as the primary vocabulary with echoes of landscape, textiles, patchwork and integrated circuitry patterns. Ikat is a weaving technique that literally meand "to tie or to bind". In choosing to encompass the entire length of the station the piece becomes an environment with the broad forms of the columns referencing timeless structures.  

Geographically this newest BART Station sits at a pivotal crossroads of the Santa Clara / Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area.