Groundwork 2007

Collaboration with Jeffrey Miller, Pacassa Studios

Hillview Library, San José, CA

Commissioned by San José Public Art Program 12,000 sq. ft.

National Award from Americans for the Arts

Medium: 40 tractor tires, stainless steel, old growth redwood, madrone branches and 26 paintings of synthetic polymer, pigment, enamel and digital output on wood panels.

110'-0'" circumference

Addressing the mid-century agricultural labor history in East San José, Trachtenberg designed the rotunda form to expose eight free-standing structural columns sculpted with materials including tractor tires, milled redwood, stainless steel and branches.

Twenty-six abstract paintings, The Shadow Frieze encircle the rotunda evoking aerial views and patterns of a worked landscape and industry.

Tropicana, a painted assemblage made from fruit crate ends hangs above the fireplace of the library. Trachtenberg worked from the outset with the architects to design the shape of the rotunda, the columns, the terrazzo flooring and window openings.