“The only container is water itself. Memory assumes the shape of the city’s chaos and takes up a speech that makes you forget words that went before.”  
                                        Memory for Forgetfulness      Mahmoud Darwish      

I’ve experimented with many different forms and media in shifting grammars of abstraction and in a range of scale and venue. My interest in the consequences of material culture and actions of intuitive processes are explored between painting, collage, sculpture and design.

The paintings with collage and cast-off materials share attitude with the wall sculpture and architecturally specific work. Resonant with the history of textiles and exploring the languages of color and surface pattern in painting, I employ experimental printmaking processes on various substrates such as cloth and ceramics. Used shards and commercially made materials abut inside these  temporary and permanent pieces. With a material alchemy these hybrid works are  conduits for reflecting the tensions and fluidity in nature and culture.
Recent group and solo exhibitions include Waiting for the Barbarians at Right Window/ATA in San Francisc,  Dumbbell, David Ireland and his Circle at Anglim Gilbert Gallery, Found/Made at The San José Museum of Quilts and Textiles, Unruly and The Possible at BAM/PFA, and From India to the Planet Mars at Brian Gross Fine Art.  My work is in public collections including The Berkeley Art Museum/PFA, The Achenbach Collection of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, The San José Museum of Art, The Crocker Museum and The Haitian Embassy in Paris. Beyond the studio, I am involved with installations and collaborations, both temporary and permanent including a 1000’ – long integrated ceramic tile artwork for a new BART Station opening in mid 2018 called Ecstatic Voyaging in Silicon Valley, CA.
Residencies include Lucas Artists at Montalvo Arts Center, KALA Arts, The Mesa Refuge and the Symposium of Contemporary Art in Angoulême, France. I received a BA in French and Liberal Studies from Cal State University at Sonoma and the Diplôme des Arts Plastiques from L’Ecole Nationale Superièure des Beaux-Arts in Paris where I lived for six years.  Based in the Bay Area, I live and work in San Francisco.
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